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  • What is gadder?
    Gadder is a social discovery app to discover places, connect with likeminded people and plan together (anything from a casual night out to a date).
  • How do I create a gadder account?
    Download the gadder app and follow 3 simple steps to sign up: Input your phone number We will send you a code to confirm your number. Input it in the app. Choose your gadder name. All set. You are part of the gadder family! 😉 If you already have an account and want to enter the app from a new device, simply confirm your phone number in the app and we will know that it is you.
  • What is the gadder name?
    It's how other users will find you on gadder. Pro tip: you might want to use your usual Instagram/social media name if you want to be found easily by your friends and followers!
  • How do I start using the app?
    Once you create your account, you can connect your contacts to find friends on gadder or invite new ones. You are ready to discover!
  • Can I invite my friends?
    Of course! We firmly believe that experiences are better when shared. You can invite your friends straight from your profile page, by letting them scan your unique QR code. You'll receive exclusive rewards as you introduce more people to the gadder world. Check out our Rewards page to learn more.
  • Can I edit my profile info?
    Once you register, you'll be able to access your profile. Your profile can be seen by all other gadder users. You will see: 1. Your gadder avatar. You can change it with a personalised profile picture from your gallery, choose a unique combination of profile or keep it as it is - we know it's very cute. 2. Your gadder name. 3. A three-word bio section. Write a little bit about yourself - a quote, a joke or even an emoji. Show other gadder users what you are all about. You can edit your info at any time by clicking on it.
  • Can I follow other users?
    You can follow other gadder users if you: Have their number or Know their gadder name.
  • Can I unfollow someone?
    Yes, you can unfollow them from their profile page or from your account's 'followed' list.
  • Can I see other users' profiles?
    Yes, you can see other users' profiles, including Placelists, avatars, profile pictures, bios and followers/followed accounts.
  • Can I search for a specific place on the discovery page?
    Yes. Open the map by clicking on the Pin icon on the bottom bar and type the name of the place in the search bar.
  • How do I save a place to my Placelist?
    Like a place on the Discovery tab or from the Map. It will automatically appear in your Placelist. You can access your Placelist from your Profile.
  • Can I undo a like?
    Yes, you can unlike a place after you liked it. (Are you sure you don't want to try it first? 👀)
  • Can I share a place I like with my friends?
    Yes, you can share it with your friends in and outside the app by clicking on the 'share' icon on the place profile.
  • What are 'mutual likes'?
    'Mutual likes' are places that you and other users liked. By discovering mutual likes, you also find out who in your contacts, followers and followed has similar interests. And this could be the start of something new!
  • How do I invite someone to try a place with me?
    Once you like a place, you'll be able to see who liked it on the place's profile card: You can click on the names and invite one or more users to go out with you.
  • Can I invite someone who is not in my contacts list?
    Yes. We encourage you to go out of your comfort zone and make new connections - that's what we are all about.
  • What happens when I send an invite?
    Once you decide to invite one of more gadder users, you'll be able to personalise your invite as you like. They will receive a notification and will let you know if they are in.
  • Can I unsend an invite?
    No, invites are there to stay. It's for the best!
  • What is a Gaddering?
    A Gaddering is a coffee, a drink, or a meal with your friends organised through the gadder app.
  • How do I start a Gaddering?
    You can press the '+' button in the middle of the bottom bar.
  • What happens after I start a Gaddering?
    You can invite your friends to vote on a tailored list of locations. They do not need to be gadder users, as long as you can share the invite link through any of your social media (WhatsApp, Instagram, etc.)
  • How does the voting work?
    The invitees for the Gaddering can cast their vote by swiping left or right on the same list of places. The best place is decided by majority vote.
  • Do my friends need to be gadder users to vote?
    No, everyone can vote through the invite link.
  • Can I decide to close the voting before everyone has voted?
    Yes, if you are the organiser of the Gaddering you can close the vote early by clicking on the 'End voting' button on the Gaddering page.
  • Can I exit a Gaddering?
    Yes, you can exit by clicking the 'exit' button on the Gaddering page. You can also delete the Gaddering.
  • Thanks God it's FridAI!
    FridAI is our proprietary AI algorithm that matches you with lists of places tailored to you and your friends. Just like magic. FridAI is built on a series of parameters identifying people and places. Our algorithm is backed by statistical models that solve for decisions and recommendations.
  • How does FridAI choose the best places for me and my friends?
    FridAI takes into account a series of variables, including but not limited to: your area, your preferences, your behaviour in the app (the features you use the most, the invites you receive and send, the ones you refuse and you accept). Places and people are assigned to certain categories based on their features and matched accordingly.
  • I have troubles logging in or using the app. What should I do?
    Try to close and reopen the app, or check if you have the latest update available on the App Store or Google Play. If you still have troubles logging in or using the app, email us at
  • I need to contact gadder. Do you have a corporate email?
    Yes, you can email us at You can also DM us on our LinkedIn or Instagram page.
  • How do I rate my experience in the app?
    You can leave a rating on the App Store or on Google Play - we really appreciate your feedback and want to deliver the best possible experience to our users. We will also ask you to rate your experience, tell us what you like and what you didn't after some of your Gadderings.
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