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Marketing for your restaurant. Sorted.

Targeted ads on the gadder app and reach campaigns on gadder's social media to connect with your target customers.

Cherry on top, in-depth marketing analytics and trends reports.

Social media marketing

We build the campaign around you, taking care of all aspects from content creation to posting on our TikTok page. Whether it's a new dish, a new cocktail or a special promo, gadder is the place to showcase it.

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Advertising on our viral restaurant TikTok account
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In-App Targeted Ads

We show your restaurant, bar or cafe on a regular basis on our homepage, and to users which are most likely to visit you based on our proprietary algorithm.

Data analytics

We list your restaurant, bar or cafe on our app and provide in-depth data analytics on users' interactions with your business page and on your target customers. 

Marketing and analytics for your restaurant in London
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