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gadder is open for fundraising!

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If you have any questions please leave your email and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 

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About gadder

Gadder provides an end-to-end solution to the organisation of social activities. Gadder redefines discovery as a social process, creating and amplifying connections between people by sharing experiences.

Discovery comes in two forms: an AI-generated feed of places, ‘placelists’ and users, recommended through our proprietary AI based on users’ interactions and preference; and an interactive map view from our curated database.

Organisation happens through the tinder-like voting tool, enabling fast and democratic decisions on the place to book. Moreover, the app does not require all participants to download the app to participate in the event, thus ensuring a frictionless organisation experience. 

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How does crowdfunding work ?

Online platforms such as Seedrs allow you to be part of a group of investors (referred to as the “crowd”) to invest funds in gadder in exchange for equity. Instead of just one or a small number of investors, there are many smaller ones where Seedrs acts as a Syndicate on your behalf. 


You can see our campaign at this link:

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